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"TRULY CLEAN SCHOOLS" Using BioBased Cleaners

Biobased USA has no Calif Proposition 65 Chemicals in its products

Biobased USA passes Boeing D6-7127 Tests

Commercial/Industrial All Purpose meets all guidelines for NSF International for Nonfood/Food Contact Cleaners .

Florida Accepts Botanical Cleanser for Petroleum Bio remediation

Bio Remediation Letter from Dept of Enviro Protection.

Home, Sweet Home May Actually Be Very Toxic

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

 How Biobased USA Products work


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Biobased Meeting: Veneman announces proposed rule to implement preferred procurement of biobased product.

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It's Now The Federal Law 107-171.
US Gov't directs all agencies to purchase Biobased Products.

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Products Applications
Antique Restoration Motels
Automotive Nursing Homes
Baking Paint
Beauty Salons Pest Control
Boat/Yatch Pet Boarding/Grooming
Butcher Shops Piano
Construction Plumbing
Daycare Pollution Control
Floor Care Property Management
Food Service Residential Complexes
Furniture Restoration Schools
Glass Thrift Shops
Grease Traps Tools,Cleaning
Grocery Trucking
Horse Stables Walls
Janitorial Windows
Mobile Home Parks  


USDA Farm Act For Bio-Based Cleaning Products- PUBLIC LAW 107-171-MAY 13, 2002 Farm Security And Rural Investment Act of 2002 establishes the 2003 requirements for Federal agencies to purchase bio-based products. As the government says its easy, they work and it is just the right thing to do, so they made it law for Biobased USA). Please watch the Video USDA Bio Based Workshop .

Biobased USA products are based on a new technology called "Nano Technology" or "Colloidal Chemistry" that brings an entirely new approach to the science of cleaning.

Biobased USA supports the American Farmer with "American Made" grown agriculture ingredients to make our products. We don't use any foreign petroleum oil in our products. We are part of the USDA pilot program to implement Congress's Farm Act 2002 Public Law 107-171, and Executive Order 13148 Greening The Government which calls for a 50% toxin reduction in government goods and services by 2006.

Colloidal chemistry or Nanotechnology makes it possible to convert extracts of natural plants into amazingly powerful, yet surprisingly mild and gentle solutions that dissolve oil, grease, soap scum, mildew stain stain, and other hydrocarbons - which comprise 99% of all cleaning/de-greasing challenges. Biobased USA products are based on this new science. They are the only known plant-based, non-acidic, non-caustic, hypo-allergenic cleaners that effectively remove dirt, grease and oil residue.

Biobased USA cleaners are up to 100 percent biobased which help you meet your Environmental Stewardship Responsibility in protecting your family, along with ISO 14001 workers health and safety. It's really the right thing to do towards reducing your chemically related workmen's compensation liabilities and lawsuits at the same time.

  • Biobased USA chemistry is classified as Angstrom Technlogy (.000,000,000,1 cm) in size and can only be observed with the most powerful electron microscope, smaller than Nano Technology. The smaller the cleaning agent to get into cracks, the more universal its applications. This is the basis for its ability to separate materials for cleaning, as well as, work at the molecular levels for applications in janitorial, agriculture, medical and bio-remediation.
  • Biobased USA becomes member of "Biobased Manfactures Association".

  • Bio-Remediation All Purpose Commercial: Approved For Water and Soils by State Of Florida, Dept. Of Environmental Protection, Contact us for in situ and ex situ application, as there are about 1500 Environmental Contaminants that effect bodily organs found in the water and soils of Florida.

  • U.S. NAVY- After extensive study, the U.S. Navy Environmental Health Center accepted it as one of only a few products qualified as “Ecological Preferable” for use by the U.S. Navy Fleet in NAVSEA 6840 Approved Cleaning Chemicals. This product has been added to the GSA and DOD procurement list to help satisfy the mandatory Environmental Preferable Purchasing requirements of Executive Orders 13101 and 13148 for the Federal Government.

  • SCHOOLS MIAMI-DADE CLEANING EFFICIENCY: – In performance tests conducted by the Department of Materials Testing and Evaluation, at Miami-Dade Public Schools, Biobased USA’s Organic Cleaner/De-greaser performed at 105% compared to Federal Test Method Standard No. 536A/General Method No. 6701.1 exceeding other traditional products.

  • Contain no phosphates or phosphate derivatives which are harmful to surface waters and may cause cancer
  • Contain no chlorine bleach which may react with other chemicals to form toxic contaminants
  • California AQMD Tested Our Formula at just 19g/L Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and reported we had no VOHAP, GDC's or ODC's which produce smog and may cause health problems

  • Products can be sold in highest concentrated formulas to reduce costs and environmental impact of shipping water in containers from gallons to tanker trucks


Biobased USA
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